Recently we were asked about the hat boxes we provide. All hat boxes provided, are the standard thick cardboard boxes used nationally and internationally by top milliners and retailers. When you purchase a headpiece at Joel Alexander, a box is provided in the price, and when a hat or fascinator is hired, a box is also provided for the duration of your hire.

We were asked about the possibility of a ‘Luxury’ hat box upon the return of a hire, and when i looked into this by searcing the internet, the top search results shocked me, they were a Louis Vuitton and a Saks Fifth Avenue box, and i will more than happily say they are stunningly beautiful.

At Joel Alexander we strive to give you the best quality at every level of price point. We have recently been looking at more colours and styles of boxes ,which we have found, but this would increase the overall price of your headpiece. Unfortunately, Luxury hat boxes can simply not be provided as they would add hundreds of pounds onto your price.

If you would like a special, colourful or unique box please do ask us. (unfortunately they cannot be provided with hires, but can be purchased at an extra cost)

Below are a few images of luxury hat boxes and standard retail hat boxes to show you the top range of what is out there, alongside the many other ranges which we do provide to our customers.

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