Carla Ruiz

Every fashion designer’s goal is to embody his beauty ideal in all of his works. From the very beginning, CARLA RUIZ tries to incorporate that feminine ideal in all its designs, hence the improvement of basic aspects such refinement, elegance and uniqueness.

We look for the proper way to satisfy the diverse modern women’s taste and so we adapt new trends with the easiness and dynamism that a globalized market demands. We take care of details and nuances, making our works even more unique and special.

Originality shouldn’t ever put aside either elegance or fine fabrics manufacture, hence our commitment when it comes to terms with high quality standards. Our designs find the enhancement along the conscientious search for new amalgamation of colors, shapes and textures that flatters feminine beauty. Innovation and creativity drench our company’s philosophy, leading to a very personal style that perfectly fits the feminine ideal nowadays.